Construction and components of our log houses

We manufacture all available log types: massive, laminated, rounded, D, and laminated rounded logs.

What our products all have in common is their state of completeness. Logs typically have machined corner notches and drill holes, but we also machine notches and pockets for beams, pre-cut diagonal corners, and all other possible notches needed.

In addition to logs, all main supports are cut to a definite measure. These provide a noticeable benefit during construction and reduce measurement mistakes at worksites.

Laminated Square Logs

Our laminated logs are glued from two or more planed blanks in such a way that the heartwood will stay on the log’s surface. This is done to ensure that cracking and bending remain minimal.

Most of the log houses we produce use various sizes of laminated logs, but of course we produce a lot of other log types too.

Yleisimmät lamellihirret

Massive Square Logs

Massive square logs are pure wood, without any glue films or other chemicals. This enables the wood to breathe naturally. If looking for more ecological ways to live, massive logs are definitely one of the best candidates out there for a greener home.


In our log selection, the 70 and 95 mm thick massive logs are processed by heart-cut saw technology (2-ex log). This style minimizes cracks and bending of wood, and it’s the reason why these logs have almost the same features as laminated logs, but naturally. Logs 140 mm wide or thicker are traditional “heart in the center” (1-ex log) square logs.

Non-glued solid logs are the cleanest and most ecological log material

We have noticed that ecological and natural ways to build homes increase every day. More and more clients require their houses to have no artificial chemicals. They want to have an original solid log house.

We can fulfill this requirement with our massive 200x200 mm logs (U-value 0.54). This log is approved for use in external walls without extra insulation in permanent dwellings in many countries. These logs are 100% free of polyurethane, vinyl acetate, or melamine resin. We don’t claim that these components of wood laminating glues are a risk to health, but we accept our clients’ judgment regarding their own homes. If the logs are free of all added chemicals, then there’s no need to concern oneself with the matter.

200 x 200 mm massiivihirsi

200x200 massive log house under construction

In natural logs, there will always be some cracks and small bends according to the laws of nature. We’re familiar with these effects, and we have developed our prefabrication of raw wood and drying technology to minimize the cracks in visible sides of the log and guide the biggest cracks to the underside of the log. A reasonably sized crack doesn’t make logs any weaker at all, merely indicates that the logs are in their natural position.

240 mm massiivihirsi

Round Log and Laminated Round Log

We produce massive round logs in dimensions 150 – 270 mm in 20 mm increments from original Finnish pine.
Also available are various sets of laminated round logs in dimensions between 190 – 295 mm. Laminated round logs are produced from pine or spruce, as the client prefers.


295 mm laminated round log villa under construction.


Extra Insulated Square Logs

Square massive logs in dimensions 70 and 95 mm and laminated square logs in dimensions 75 and 88 mm with insulated timber frame are our most popular wall construction types for European export.

Today’s energy efficiency demands are so strict in many countries that even the thickest logs need extra insulation to meet regulations, so it’s reasonable to use these moderate log dimensions.


Insulated timber frame also has a benefit for construction; it’s possible to make more complicated roof and wall shapes because load-bearing beams and columns can be hidden inside the insulated wall.

If someday regulations for thermal insulation become more strict than today, this type of log wall construction might become the only possible solution for permanent dwellings.

There is no limit to how big a house can be built or how the house is shaped using this construction style.


Lamilook – Square Log

If budget or thermal capacity requirements demand the use of smaller logs with insulated wall frames, and there is a desire to have the look of thicker laminated log, we have a solution: Lami-look wall construction. For example, the actual log wall might be 70x208 logs with insulated timber frame while the visible log parts are 202x208 laminated logs.
This solution will give the look of a 202x208 solid laminated log house, but its energy efficiency will be more than twice as good, and the log kit will be much cheaper.

Using this technology, it’s possible to build a full log house in which pediments and even internal walls are made of logs at a reasonable price. Normally a log house with thick laminated logs is only “half a log house”, so to speak, because only the external walls are logs, and only up to the intermediate floor. The rest of the house is made of panels up to the roof. The main reason for this is to keep the budget reasonable.


Photo from French building site showing the installation of laminated log corners. Lami-look corners have already been assembled on the side walls and halfway up the gable wall.


We have several options for log corners in addition to the classic cross corner. According to modern style, the look of a log house should be hidden. The solution for that purpose is the city-corner. It can be done several ways as mitered dovetail (in thicker logs starting with 113 mm) or various sizes of corner blanks (in all log types). Corner plank styles can be “Minimalistic” to “Mansion” according to the desired aesthetic.

It is a matter of taste, but in our opinion, there is some loss of looks when a big laminated log house is produced entirely with mitered dovetail corners; no one can see the actual thickness of the logs in the finished building. For this reason, we think that the mitered dovetail is best reserved for special cases in house construction, such as angular corners.


One solution for city-corner is mansion style corner planks.


An angular mitered dovetail city-corner is useful for example to give space to this corner balcony.

Photos of our clients’ houses from all over the world

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