Low energy log houses / Double Log

Double log wall makes possible to build log house with really good energy efficiency.

In case there is really need to save energy, this construction makes it possible. For example U-value 0.13 will be reached using 260mm distance between log frames.

When wood-fiber based insulation material is used, this wall also operates molecule level as like solid log wall. Difference is warmth: This wall is more than triple better insulation than 270mm laminated log.

Even the logs itself are rather small, the house built from these logs most certainly do not look like it. The double log wall bases on 70x208 logs. The height of log (the side view) is just the same as bigger laminated logs. So the look of ready wall is just the same as the look of big laminated log house.

The log ends will be hidden behind city-corner planks or laminated log corners. This finalizes the looks: In ready building there is zero “small” log ends visible. So nobody can see the actual log thickness, but you can feel the warmth.

This construction has many benefits compared to traditional laminated log:
- Multiple better insulation capacity than solid, even 270 mm laminated log
- This construction is a lot cheaper than thick laminated log
- The look is the same. BUT using this construction it is possible to build also pediments etc. by logs in reasonable price. This is not possible in case of thick laminated logs (in reasonable price)

In these houses the walls are inside and outside pure, real logs.

An ecological way to build breathable constructions

The logs we use in these walls do not include any glue or other chemicals. When the insulation material is wood fiber based the wall operates naturally and the breath of wall is possible.

In these houses the internal walls can be by panels, bricks or plasterboards, or logs, or even double logs if there is require for excellent sound proof. (In bigger logs it is usual avoid to build internal walls by logs due budget reasons.)

Also the pediments and dormers are possible to build by logs in reasonable price, because 70x208 log price is only fragment of price of 202 or 270mm laminated log. So budged allows to build real log house, logs up to roof instead of “half a log house”, as most thick laminated log houses


All styles are possible; Modern or Traditional.

Every house model is possible to build by double logs

There is no limits to shape of house. Technology is suitable for every style. Mainly we use 70x208 logs and 202x208 laminated log ends but of course double log walls can be built by many other log profiles too. Logs ends are not obligatory, city-corners are of course also possible.

This is cost-efective way to build real log house:

  • 20-30 % cheaper wall construction than thick laminated log.
  • Building time is about the same but need of crane is minimal. Big laminated logs need crane for every building day.
  • Transport volume is smaller than bigger logs
  • Yes, also internal walls by logs, and in reasonable price. This is not possible in thick laminated log houses, at least in reasonable price.

This technology is winner in every field; in costs and carbon dioxide foot print of building.


In this example photo is used our tirolean dovetail corner in internal walls what is available limitedly in additional price.